Country music may have found its Psy. Ben Ryan Metzger doesn’t sing originals, but his covers of songs like Luke Bryan’s hit “Kick the Dust Up” are quickly going viral, mostly because of his fantastic dance moves. And his wardrobe.

Metzger’s Elvis-like delivery doesn’t hurt, either. The performer has also covered songs by Taylor Swift, Selena Gomez and Calvin Harris. Just last week he released another Bryan cover, an acappella version of “Strip It Down.”

In every video he wears a red headband, black T-shirt and gray slacks. Knee pads complete the unique look. The dancing and singing are separate, although the out-of-breath nature of his show indicates one may have come directly after the other.

It’s difficult to turn away from the bizarre quality of this video, and the many others he’s released on several different YouTube channels. All take place in the same room, using similar camera and editing effects. In addition to his singing and hot dance moves, Metzger lists himself as a songwriter, actor and standup comedian. He’s also a former bodybuilder.

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