Kid Rock and Sheryl Crow cozy up to the microphone, together once again, with their heartbreaking new duet single, 'Collide.'

The 'Born Free' and 'Sign Your Name' singers lean on one another (and on a few substances) in this sad love song, which tells the story of two former flames who take shelter in each other's arms once again.

This line draws out in detail the reasons that they're each lonely, and the ways that they've both damaged themselves:

"Worn and weathered / Scared to go home / When we're here together / We're still all alone / Tonight there's no need to lie we've both been abused / For the love and the pain / For the cocaine and booze / Most people don't but some people do."

Heartland rock legend Bob Seger sets the mood for 'Collide' by contributing piano, while Rock and Crow's voices blend with the melody. Though the song technically only features Crow, she's an essential asset in the overall composure -- plus, in terms of storyline, Rock's character would be pretty lonely without her.

'Collide' marks the second painful love duet from the one-time unlikely partners, whose 2002 song 'Picture' became an instant hit and karaoke bar staple. It's the latest single from Kid Rock's 'Born Free' album, which -- in addition to Sheryl Crow -- boasts the vocal contributions of country stars  Zac Brown and Martina McBride.

Listen to Kid Rock feat. Sheryl Crow, 'Collide'