Is it country? Is it rock 'n' roll? Hard to say, but one thing you sure can't call Kid Rock's new single 'God Bless Saturday' is any form of hip-hop. The boot-stomping rocker follows the still-popular title track as the second single from Kid Rock's 2010 album 'Born Free.'

The Rolling Stones' unkempt brand of electronic country-rock seems to be what Kid Rock's going after here, and if you can forgive him for being more pedestrian vocally than Mick Jagger (and who's not?), then you can easily say it's a job well done.

A dirty, snaky electronic guitar line slithers over a crackling backbeat as Rock individually laments each and every day from the long work week of the common man, and then celebrates the freedom the weekend brings:

"Cuz Monday's just a b---- / Tuesday's such a bother / Wednesday's like watchin' dead flowers grow / Thursday ain't for s--- / Friday's getting hotter / But on Saturday night you know we let it rock /And keep the drinks pouring."

You're sure to hear Kid Rock performing 'God Bless Saturday' if you're one of the 45,000 Detroit residents lucky enough to get tickets to his hometown birthday party/tour kick-off, which takes place Jan. 15 at Ford Field. Even the NFL's Lions can't fill the place as fast as Kid Rock, who sold every seat in just 19 minutes.

Listen to Kid Rock, 'God Bless Saturday'