For her "inspiration" song, Lauren Alaina performed Martina McBride's powerhouse ballad 'Anyway' on tonight's 'American Idol.'

The teen chose the contemporary country hit because it reminds her of her home in the South, which has been battered by the tornadoes in recent weeks; that statement only served to make the song that much more poignant when Alaina sang it. Every note was drenched with personal passion.

Overall, Alaina pulled out all the stops, vocally and image-wise. She wore a jewel-toned red gown that we could see her wearing while walking a red carpet event with her hair falling in big, loose waves. She already looks like a country superstar and hell, she sounds like one, too.

"You did it again. You broke my heart. You deliver a song like a blue plate special," said Steven Tyler to his favorite 'Idol.'

Jennifer Lopez said that it was the type of memorable, show-stopping performance where you could see confetti raining down behind her. She also said Alaina's version of Elvis Presley's 'Trouble' was "really, really good." Perhaps confetti will fall for Alaina in three weeks when the Season 10 winner of 'American Idol' is crowned.

Watch Lauren Alaina Perform 'Anyway' on 'American Idol'