Lauren Alaina decided to try out a new makeup artist recently — her boyfriend, Alex. In an attempt to prove just how hard it actually is to get glammed up, Alaina asked Alex to try his hand at her look, and it was not so pretty.

As a part of her web series on YouTubeSealed With a Kiss, the artist sat in a chair across from her beau and waited anxiously while he decided which item to use first.

“Are you sure you want to start with foundation?” she asks him nervously.

“You can’t build anything without a foundation,” Alex responds matter-of-factly.

After the foundation, Alex tries “powder” (blush), eye shadow, and finally, the lips, occasionally blowing on her face and commenting on his level of skill all the while.

“That’s bad,” he says after trying a “smoky eye.” But toward the end, he comments, “I’m actually kind of impressed with myself."

He probably shouldn’t have been, though, as Alaina points out when she finally sees the finished product and simply says his full name in disappointment: “Alexander."

The two seem to have a fun, laid-back relationship, though, and it’s clear they know each other well. Fans will enjoy seeing Alaina interact with her boyfriend of several years as they bumble through this experiment. Watch the full clip above to see the transformation.

Alaina released a new EP this fall after a long break from music, having had vocal surgery in the interim. The artist says she is excited to finally have new music out.

"I’m excited to have stuff out for people to listen to, and I can already tell at the shows they’re singing them back to me. So that’s exciting,” she tells Taste of Country Nights of the project, which includes the single “Next Boyfriend." “I worked really hard on it. I wrote over 200 songs for the project — five of them are on the EP."

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