A strong dose of anthemic '80s pop-rock blends with country throughout Leah Seawright's new single, 'On the Backroads.' The rebel-spirited song comes from the Alabama native's recent album 'Country Girl 101.'

Although Seawright is clearly country through and through, her singing on 'Backroads' evokes thoughts of Pat Benatar, particularly when paired with the song's chugging guitars. By the time the chorus hits, you'll be forgiven for thinking you're in the climactic scene of a John Hughes movie:

"On the backroads / Right next to you / On the back roads / Breaking daddy's rules / Living on the wild side / Tasting forbidden love / And feeling forever in one night / On the backroads / On the backroads, yeah."

According to her Twitter account, Seawright is in the process of mapping out her 2011 touring plans, no doubt figuring out how to get from city to city by traveling (wait for it) ... on the backroads.

Listen to Leah Seawright, 'On the Backroads'