LeAnn Rimes puts the focus of her new video for 'Give' on the over 25,000 homeless kids living in Chicago. The 29-year-old singer's new song is a message of love and compassion, and the video does well to advance that theme. Over a dozen teens share their very real stories of neglect and abandonment before joining Rimes in her fight for a solution.

Before the song truly begins, viewers meet the real stars of the videos. The teens -- who come from every imaginable background -- share very real details of their lives. It's clear early on that these are not just actors. "I'm the last person in my family alive," one young man admits. "I shouldn't have to beat somebody up to lay my head," a teenaged girl says.

The video is filmed amongst the bridges, viaducts, El Train and shattered buildings of Chicago. Rimes recently tweeted that she was moving to the city to be with husband Eddie Cibrian as he filmed his new television series 'The Playboy Club.' Somehow the glamorous blond singer looks at ease amongst the dirt and grime of the city's rough side. The teenagers take to her quickly.

“If you want to give love then give it / If you want to feel some forgiveness / Then you’ve gotta let go and do some forgiving of your own / If you want a friend then be one / A little bit of kindness show some / You’ll be surprised of how much finds its way back home / It don’t matter what it is / If you want it then give,” Rimes sings in 'Give.' The singer has never sat buried in negativity for very long, and indeed this video is a burst of sunshine over a stormy subject. Toward the end, the group sits along Lake Michigan, rocking back and forth in a scene that is delightfully corny yet effective.

Watch the LeAnn Rimes 'Give' Video