I can’t get over this video! Girl, you just made my day!!

Posted by Kelsea Ballerini on Sunday, November 8, 2015

Kelsea Ballerini's "Dibs" is completely infectious. Just one listen and you find yourself singing along, just waiting to hit play again. Take it from this cute little girl.

Sitting on her couch in an adorable pair of striped leggings, the tiny Ballerini fan holds a tablet and shyly sings the lyrics to "Dibs." There are a few parts that are just too fast-paced for the adorable girl to keep up with, but she tries nonetheless.

Finally, towards the end of the short and sweet clip, her mom asks, "Is Kelsea Ballerini your favorite, Payton?" The little girl nods (as if her mom even had to ask!). Ballerini shared this sweet video on her socials, and Payton's mom was thrilled to see it on Facebook writing, "Ahh! Payton is completely in awe right now! She is so excited that Kelsea Ballerini sing. You just made her life Kelsea Ballerini! Thank you so so so much!"

The video also caught the eye of Kelly Clarkson, who wrote to Ballerini on Twitter, "Oh my gosh there is nothing more beautiful than a little kid singing your songs to you. Breaks my heart in the best way."

Watch the full clip above and try not to call "Dibs" on Payton.