The LoCash Cowboys are kicking off summer with their new infectious tune, 'You Got Me,' which the duo's Preston Brust and Chris Lucas co-wrote with their guitarist, Erik "Lefty" Halbig. The song's idea began with Lucas writing out the opening lines, before bringing Brust and Halbig in on the co-write.

"I'm going 80 miles an hour down a 40 mile road / And my heart is beating faster / Than the wheels can turn / You got your feet kicked up on the dashboard / And the sun is  kissing your skin / This is where I wanna be / You got me," they sing in the song's opening verse.

"I was like, 'Hmm … that’s pretty cool,'" Lucas tells Taste of Country. "I was thinking, ‘That’s pretty nice!' I called Lefty and Preston immediately. They came over five minutes after calling them. Preston is a melody guy, so he came up with a really cool melody on the chorus. We wrote that thing in less than like ten minutes."

"Feeling good / Living right / Laughing all day / And loving all night, baby / You got me lookin' at you / Wanting your touch / A little bit more / Still ain't enough / You got me / Yeah, you got me," they sing in the chorus.

"Who doesn’t want to laugh all day and love all night?" notes Brust. "You know what I mean? That’s a good way to live, man!"

"The hook is a lot about life, period," Brust says. "It’s how you should live and how the song makes you feel. When we sing it and we watch the crowds, we really believe that we’re sending a message to just feel good."

"It makes people smile," says Lucas. "It’s just one of those songs that keeps your spirits up, and everyone can relate to it. When you have your girl with you, or when the girls have their guy, you got me. Here I am … I’m feeling good now. Today’s that day, and the way the world is right now, we need a song like that."

Though they had most of the song done that afternoon, the writers felt there was a missing piece: the song's bridge.

"We knew we had a good thing going, so we let it marinade for a while," Brust explains. "Me and Lefty were actually working on a different song one night called 'Yeah, Yeah.' We got stuck on a lyric in 'Yeah, Yeah,' and we fell asleep in our chairs, sittin' in the studio working on the song. You know how all of a sudden you wake up like you're fallin' off a cliff? Well, I sorta woke up that way and said, 'Lefty, I got it!'  Lefty thought I had the lyric for 'Yeah, Yeah,' so he grabs the notebook for 'Yeah, Yeah,' and he gets ready to go. But actually, I had the bridge to 'You Got Me'": "Baby close your eyes / And kiss me one more time /  You got me."

"The melody for the bridge felt really good," Brust says. "So I called Chris right then and said, 'Chris, is this already in a song?' I sang it for him, and he was like, 'No! That’s got to be the 'You Got Me' bridge!' As soon as I woke up, I had it, boom, done! This song was really strange how it came together. It was like 10 or 15 minutes at Chris’ place that day, and then randomly out of deep sleep. It wasn’t like we spent a long, long time working on it.  Somehow it's hung around for six years though."

"How does a song hang around in Nashville for six years?" Brust continues. "There’s so many great songs being written every day, and we’ve been listening to a lot of them for our album, plus we’re writing with Jeffrey Steele. For Steely to say, 'I really like that song that the three of you wrote' is an honor.  For him to say, 'I think not only should that be on your album, but it should be a single' -- it speaks a lot about the song."