Life on the road isn't always glamorous. In fact, a lot of times, it gets downright messy  —especially if alcohol is involved! In Logan Mize's fifth episode of Road to a Good Time, he tells one pretty hilarious story from the road.

"Good times on the road typically consist of the normal debauchery that you hear about," Mize says from the backseat of his "hot rod," Glenn. "But the best story that's ever happened on the road has happened in the backseat of this car."

Glenn hasn't been on the road with Mize and his band lately, but when they did have the car out, it saw a pretty eventful night.

"I happened to be bringing this back from Kansas," Mize explains. "My band was in Kansas, they were bringing a sprinter back and the sprinter broke down and I had to pick all of them up in Illinois."

What's a band to do when their singer is away? Play, of course.

"When I picked them up two of the guys ... they'd been on the sauce a little bit," Mize says. "They got in here and they were three wide across the back and all our music gear was back here. I was driving, tour manager up front and one of them puked out the window."

Unfortunately, it was the guy in the middle who threw up 'out the window,' and his meal from before came back in the window, hitting one of the other guys in the face. That just led to more dry heaving and a brewing fight between the band members! But when you can't walk, it's pretty hard to maintain your ground in a fight ... which led one of the drunk men to find himself in a ditch.

Watch the whole hilarious story in Mize's latest Road to a Good Time episode. Expect more fun episodes to come, with a new one debuting each week here on ToC. Mize will also perform at the Taste of Country Music Festival this June.

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