Logan Mize's video series Road to a Good Time lets fans get to know the artist a little better and understand more about where he came from. This third episode is a little different. Instead of talking to the camera, Mize performs a song he wrote called "Welcome to Prairieville."

The song is about a town that Mize made up (although it exists in Louisiana), and it's not the first time he's made a song about Prairieville.

"Prairieville is a fictitious town that I've been writing about for several years with a good friend of mine, Blake Chaffin," he says in the latest Road to a Good Time episode. "We're both from Kansas and we had similar upbringings, so every now and then if we're stuck, we just write about this fictitious town set somewhere on the Great Plains. All the characters are reminiscent of a lot of characters we grew up around."

Rather than talking his way through the remainder of the clip, Mize — in his dark denim jeans and light button-down shirt — sits in the trunk of the car, wielding his acoustic for the song.

The song is simple and is definitely reminiscent of a Kansas upbringing; a small town that gets in your soul and stays there, even if you don't understand how or why. Watch the third episode of Mize's Road to a Good Time above. Expect four more episodes, with a new one debuting each week here on ToC. Mize will also perform at the Taste of Country Music Festival this June.

Mize's Pawn Shop Guitar EP is out May 19.

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