Earlier this year, news surfaced that 'Pretty Little Liars' star Lucy Hale was going back to her Tennessee roots by making a country music album. It's been several months since we heard anything about her country career, but it looks like the actress is going to hit the studio soon.

According to E! Online, Hollywood Records will release Hale's album in the summer of 2013. Of course, she won't be jumping into country music alone. Sugarland's Kristian Bush is going to help the actress-turned-country singer learn the ropes of the country music biz. Bush will receive credit as a co-writer on three of Hale's songs.

"He said, 'You sure u want to do this? You're going to be put through the ringer,'" Hale explains, referring to the advice Bush gave her. "But I was like, 'I'm ready!'"

Knowing she has to make a lasting impression, the actress won’t be holding anything back on her debut album. In addition to working with one half of the Grammy Award-winning duo, she is hoping to team up with a few of the producers who worked with Adele on her mega-hit record.

To 'Pretty Little Liars' fans, it might seem a little out of the blue for the bombshell brunette to turn her attention to singing, but Hale insists that country tunes are in her blood. "I'm from Tennessee," she assures, adding, "My mom lives in Nashville. I'm born and bred country. That's all I listen to."

Of course, growing up in Tennessee isn't a guarantee that Hale will be accepting any CMA awards any time soon. She knows she's going to have to work hard to get to where she wants to be.

"I have a long way to go and I have a lot to prove," she says. "But I'm really excited."