Memphis native Lucy Hale is a newcomer to country music, venturing from her successful acting career into her greatest passion: music. She praises country star Taylor Swift for pioneering the path that Hale's now walking, saying the 'I Knew You Were Trouble' singer made it all right to talk about your problems.

Hale's album 'Road Between,' which dropped June 3, drew from the singer's own personal experiences, and she admits that the record shows her flaws, heartbreaks, and deep feelings. And she has Swift to thank for making it cool to do that.

"Taylor's untouchable. She made country quote-unquote ‘cool.' And she made it OK to talk about your problems. And be vulnerable. And talk s--t about your ex-boyfriend. That's so fun! Everyone wants to do that," she tells Flare Magazine (quote via E!).

The 24 year old allows that some of the songs on 'Road Between' draw from her love life -- or lack thereof. "I don't really keep in touch with many of my ex-boyfriends. But there are some digs in the album for sure."

Even though Hale admits it was difficult to dig down and pour out her own true feelings, she has no regrets now that the record is out. "Making the album was the best experience of my life," says the songstress.