Luke Bryan's new studio album is one of the most-anticipated releases of summer 2015, and he's taking over Taste of Country to share the story behind the title track, "Kill the Lights."

Bryan wrote the song with Jeff and Jody Stevens. "They came out to the house one day," he relates. "Jody is a great track guy. He builds tracks at the house, works on stuff, and he played me this kind of, just a real funky groove, and I heard it, and I loved it."

The track happened to line up perfectly with an idea that the superstar already had going.

"I went in my phone, and I had typed in a title for a song called 'Kill the Lights,'" Bryan recalls. "We started it there. We didn't really know any direction."

Bryan has relied on outside songwriters for the bulk of his most recent albums, but he took a very active role in Kill the Lights. He drew from his own personal experience for the lyrics to the title song.

"I remember being 17, 18 and going down a dark dirt road, and cutting the lights off on the truck," he reminisces. "I think it made for a really really sexy, uptempo song that a lot of people can relate to, and I think a few people out there probably killed some lights out in the middle of nowhere," he adds wryly.

Bryan is taking over Taste of Country to support his album, sharing exclusive videos, a flyaway contest and a one-on-one interview. Stay tuned all week for more one-of-a-kind content.

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