Luke Bryan knows how to party, and he took his skills to a new level this weekend when he went to New Orleans for his first-ever Mardi Gras.

Bryan and his wife, Caroline, spent their Valentine's Day in a non-traditional (but super fun) way. The singer was asked to be the celebrity grand marshal in the Endymion parade on Feb. 14, which of course drew a big crowd. The parade is already one of NOLA's most famous and this year they had 3,100 riders on the 34 floats, according to Two of the riders in the parade were the Bryans.

Before jumping on the grand marshal float, he sang for the crowd. Backed by a big band, he sang a bit of Taylor Swift's "Shake It Off" and his own "I See You" which he said was "Jazz-style!" Bryan had to walk from the stage through the crowd to get to the float he would ride, but — as always— he was happy to shake hands and smile with fans he met along the way.

Once aboard, the couple threw beads to the crowd, waved and smiled for photos while aboard. The fun didn't stop at the parade, though. Bryan also headlined the Endymion Extravaganza at the Superdome, where he played for over 20,000 people dressed in their best clothes.

"I've been drunk three times today — this is the third time," he told the crowd.

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