It's no secret that Miranda Lambert really loves her dogs -- and the singer reveals the extreme lengths she's gone to in accommodating her beloved pets.

Lambert has seven dogs of her own, in addition to the countless canines she helps through her MuttNation Foundation animal charity. But she has to be mindful of her husband, Blake Shelton, who's apparently not up for doggy cuddle time quite as much as she is.

"When I'm home, I go get them and bring them to the house. I have four that are in our house most of the time," she tells People. "But I looked at Blake one day and realized if I don't give him a break from these dogs, he might go crazy."

So, the country songstress came up with a unique way of accommodating everyone. "I want to keep them all, but I need Blake to be good with that too, so I built them their own house outside of ours," Lambert admits. "It's one of those pre-fab buildings from Lowe's and we had heat and air put in it, little doggie beds and built them a fence. So they have their own place. I'll let them know when they need to have dog time and off they go."

When she's not building free-standing residences for her pets, Lambert keeps busy advocating for shelter pets through her foundation. She has partnered with one of the largest pet food brands to help spread the word.

"I started MuttNation Foundation in 2009 with my mom. Pedigree saw what we had been doing on our own and two years ago, they came to us," she relates. "We had the same goals, to raise awareness for shelter pets, to take care of them with good food and to renovate shelters.

"That's what MuttNation is all about. It's exciting for me that a big company like Pedigree is really helping us, so it's not just my mom and me," she explains. "They've given us hundreds and hundreds of bags of food, for our shelter at home and 500,000 pounds of food over the last year for 48 shelters in 48 states. I love the awareness they're raising for shelter pets."

Lambert's new private, no-kill shelter, Redemption Ranch, is set to open in her hometown of Tishomingo, Okla. on Saturday, Nov. 22.

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