Miranda Lambert may have told Health magazine that she's fine being a "normal-size girl" and not a super skinny actress or model, but she still wants to do all she can to look her best.

That's why the 'White Liar' singer drives right by the myriad fast food joints that seem to be on every street corner, and always tries to squeeze exercise into her day. Afterall, fitness is all about choices, and Miranda makes some healthy ones.

"I eat a lot of protein and eat pretty clean. Junk food drags you down," said the newlywed, whose rep told US magazine she'll soon take the surname of her groom Blake Shelton. "I try not to have anything less than two hours before I go on stage. For after the show, I have a grilled-chicken salad mostly."

Although some musicians don't put in a lot of treadmill time when they're off stage, Lambert's not one of them. "I also try to go on regular walks or run when I’m out on tour," said the May 14 bride, who also has a fondness for hunting, fishing and other outdoor activities.

It seems Lambert will have to put her healthy tour habits into practice soon, as she has two albums set to release very soon. Her solo album, 'Four the Record,' is due out November 1. 'Hell on Heels,' the debut album for her new group Pistol Annies, with bandmates Ashley Monroe and Angaleena Presley, is scheduled to be released August 23.

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