Nothing kicks off the Memorial Day weekend like some good country music -- and free country music at that! Miss Willie Brown and Taste of Country are offering you country fans a free download of the duo's new single, 'Sick of Me.'

Taste of Country caught up with the MWB girls, who spilled the story behind the song, off of their self-titled EP. "We wrote 'Sick Of Me' in our very first co-write with Nathan Chapman. The way the song came about was awesome because it was super in-the-moment. There was no thought out plan or idea before we arrived at Nathan's to write," the girls tell Taste of Country.

"We were sitting on the couch and he stormed in extremely excited and said, 'I was upstairs, kissin' on my wife, drivin' her crazy cause she's trying to leave, and I just wouldn't stop bothering her and I said, I'm gonna love you til you're sick of me,'" they continue. "Within two hours the song and full band demo was done."

The duo just wrapped up the  2011 Jagermeister Country Tour with Dierks Bentley, where they played the song for thousands of new fans daily. It was so popular with fans that the ladies decided it should have a riding spot as their show kickoff song.

"Writing this song was fun and performing it has taken it to a whole new level," Miss Willie Brown continues. "Because 'Sick of Me' sets such a great tone of country, rock and good time, we decided to make it our show opener. Our set list changed throughout the whole Jagermeister tour, but 'Sick of Me' was the one constant. We always opened with it. Our other favorite thing that has come from the 'Sick of Me' is someone actually made up a line dance to it and posted it on YouTube. It's awesome. I mean, someone took the time to make up a line dance to our song! We're just saying, dancing is encouraged at all our shows and at any time!”

Lucky Tennessee fans have the chance to dance right along with Miss Willie Brown, who are scheduled to perform at both the CMA Music Fest and Bonnaroo later this summer.

Download Miss Willie Brown, 'Sick of Me'