Montgomery Gentry are back with a new record label and new music that sounds just like the old music released on their old record label. 'Where I Come From' doesn't clear any new trails for Eddie Montgomery and Troy Gentry; the duo just keeps doing what it does best.

Neither man has been humbled by their recent personal setbacks, nor should they. 'Where I Come From' is as much of a chest-pounding, foot-stomping rocker as anything these two have recorded. It's surly from the beginning. "Don't you dare go runnin' down the little town where I grew up / And I won't cuss your city lights," Eddie Montgomery sings.

The chorus changes each time, but is always full of homegrown pride. "Where I come from / There's a pickup truck with the tailgate down / Where I come from / The pine trees are singing the song of the south / Where I come from / That little white church is gonna have a crowd / Yeah, I'm pretty damn proud of where I come from."

Montgomery Gentry's debut with Average Joe's Entertainment sounds like an angrier version of 'My Town.' In fact, the last few songs the duo released have sounded like angrier versions of their previous hits. It's like an emotional reunion with an ex-lover, only to find out he or she hasn't changed one bit. That person is still sexy, and can still push your passion buttons, but the long term prospects don't look good unless he or she begins turning over a few new leaves. 'Where I Come From' is better than anything Montgomery Gentry have released in two years, but they're getting by on memories. That won't last.

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