Parmalee’s new single ‘Close Your Eyes’ is too lighthearted to be called a power ballad, but the mid-tempo country love song does serve as another big vocal showcase for singer Matt Thomas. The band’s harmonies are also highlighted on this third single from ‘Feels Like Carolina.’

It’s a song that fans of their No. 1 hit ‘Carolina’ will appreciate, although that song was about a specific woman, and this song is about a specific night. The stage elements are familiar: sunset, truck bed, fireflies and an unforgettable first kiss.

The sharpest lyrics come later: “But that view ain't nothing like the you I'm lookin at / Two tan legs for days dangling off the back / It all looks better baby you can see forever when you're here in my arms,” Thomas sings.

This is one of the few songs from Parmalee's debut country album that no member of the four-piece had a hand in writing. Credit Adam Craig, Trent Tomlinson and Shane Minor for putting together a colorful, but still accessible, story.

Hey baby before the night gets any older / Lean your pretty self over here a little closer / I need to hold ya, I wanna show ya what you don't wanna miss, no,” the North Carolina-raised foursome sing at the chorus.

Since releasing ‘Musta Had a Good Time’ in 2012, Parmalee have burnished their country sound. They're more confident on this track -- a better fit for country radio. A fourth single from ‘Feels Like Carolina’ should introduce something new to fans, but following up one success with a similar song is the smart move.

Why Fans Will Love It: Parmalee keep the spirit of their hit song 'Carolina' alive. This love song is easy to embrace, and even easier to sing along with.

Key Lyrics: "I'm gonna go and turn you and the night on / Coming on strong, I'm gonna lay it on your lips / Might wanna close your eyes for this”

Did You Know?: Parmalee's Matt Thomas says family and credit got the band to this point. Before signing a record deal, they amassed over $100K in credit card debt!

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