Season 2 'The Voice' contestant, that firecracker known as RaeLynn, returned the stage where we first met her this evening (Dec. 11) to debut her brand new single 'Boyfriend.' She performed the song live on the elimination episode of the show, which should remind the remaining Season 3 hopefuls of what's possible whether or not you win the whole thing.

RaeLynn looked adorable in a sparkly, strapless and sapphire blue dress, which she paired with black booties and a black flower tucked in her hair. So she was just as cute as we remember her when she was actively competing earlier this year.

The bubbly blonde began the semi-ballad seated in the bed of a pickup truck, with her legs dangling out of the open back. RaeLynn still effectively mixes glam with dirt road country music.

During the performance, the camera panned to her coach and continued mentor Blake Shelton, who has kept himself immersed in her career, taking her on tour. He was proud Papa Bear Blake, beaming as he soaked in RaeLynn's unforgettable performance.

"I wrote it with two people from Season 2 in January," RaeLynn admitted about her new single before freaking out over Shelton wearing a flower in his hair, in emulation of (or homage to) her.

RaeLynn also gave host Carson Daly a huge hug, too. She was full of so much infectious and bouncy energy. She is a star in the making.