Randy Houser has debuted a brand-new song, 'In God's Time,'' by way of a live studio performance video. The gentle, ruminative ballad reminds people not to question the speed at which their prayers are answered.

Houser says the song came to him suddenly in the studio, just as he was preparing to leave for the day. It seems to have been a cathartic experience for the singer, and that passion shows through in the solo live performance captured in this video. There are no flashy effects or costumes and no storyline except the call for faith found inside Houser's lyrics:

"In God's time / A million years might only be a single day / And everything he does gets done his own way / In God's time / You'll find that certain someone you've been praying for / There'll be everything you prayed for and a little more / In God's time."

As he tells The Boot, "It was exactly what I needed to say at the time. It was exactly what I'd been feeling, but it hadn't manifested itself yet. It was exactly what my heart needed to hear. A lot of times you have to verbally say things to soak 'em up."

Houser recently contributed a version of 'Ramblin' Man' to the Waylon Jennings tribute album 'The Music Inside, Vol. 1.' His current album, 'They Call Me Cadillac,' which features the hit singles 'Whistlin' Dixie' and 'A Man Like Me' but not 'In God's Time,' came out in September of 2010.

Watch the Randy Houser 'In God's Time' Video