Clint Eastwood joined the Urban Cowboy movement by drenching three of his late '70s and early '80s films in country music. He helped Mel Tillis and Eddie Rabbitt score hits from his 1978 movie 'Every Which Way But Loose,' and two years later he did it again for David Frizzell and Shelley West, who landed 'You're the Reason God Made Oklahoma' on the 'Any Which Way You Can' soundtrack. That year also marked his own country music debut, with Merle Haggard on 'Bar Room Buddies.'

It's possible that this duet's drive to No. 1 was driven by star power more than actual country credibility. If 'Saturday Night Live' were to do a parody of Dirty Harry singing country music, we're pretty sure this is what they'd come up with. It worked for him however, in fact it even cracked the Top 100 Best Drinking Songs list. Eastwood hasn't returned to the format since -- perhaps deciding it's best to go out on top.

Listen to Merle Haggard and Clint Eastwood Sing 'Bar Room Buddies'