The HBO vampire drama 'True Blood' first aired in September 2008, but the theme song was released to country radio in 2005. 'Bad Things' was the second single from a newcomer's self-titled debut album. Do you remember hearing it on air?

Probably not, since the song by then Epic Records recording artist Jace Everett received very little airplay. The song was re-released in 2009, after being picked up by HBO and it became a hit in Norway. Everett's career was far from over however. He's had success as a songwriter, including Josh Turner's 'Your Man.' So if you ever need to win a bar bet that ties Scotty McCreery to Sookie Stackhouse (actress Anna Paquin), start singing, "I don't know who think you are but before the night is through / I wanna do bad things to you."

Actually that may not be such a great idea.