In his catchy new single, Rodney Atkins is searching to get right with his soul, so he plots to leave the stress of the city, 'Take a Back Road' and get lost in a little George Strait.

We have no doubt that this song -- reportedly the lead single from Atkins' forthcoming TBA album -- is destined to be the road trip song of the year, with its clever singalong lyrics, groovin' guitar licks, and the 'These Are My People' singer's free-searching attitude.

Atkins seems especially eager to escape day-to-day life in the chorus, where he describes grabbing his lady and hitting the gravel roads:

"Yeah, makes me wanna take a back road / Makes me wanna take the long way home / Put a little gravel in my travel / Unwind, unravel all night long / Makes me wanna grab my honey / Tear down some two-lane country / Who knows / Get lost and get right with my soul / Makes me wanna take / Makes me wanna take a back road."

The best part of this Tennessee twanger tune is that it's as mobile as the path it outlines -- and it's headed to your local country station on April 25 -- so jump in the driver's seat, set that dial and 'Take a Back Road.'

Listen to Rodney Atkins, 'Take a Back Road'