Ronnie Dunn recently admitted that he wishes he had attended Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert's wedding, but he says "I was busy doing stuff for the new record." The 'Bleed Red' singer tells WGNA, "I hear it was fun! Janine, my wife, was razzin' me yesterday. She says, 'I wanted to go so bad!'" The honky tonk legend adds that he regrets passing up the invitation after learning what was on the menu: "I heard they had deer, or venison, all kinds of fresh kill."

One of the guests that did attend the country wedding of the year had a hit with a song penned by Dunn. Dunn says that Reba McEntire wanted his song 'I Can't Help Myself,' which he was saving for his debut album.

"I was feeling bad, but I can't give this song up," Dunn says. However, not one to disappoint his friend Reba -- who's the newest member of the Country Music Hall of Fame -- that "I have another one that I want to play for you. So I sent it over to her real quick. She called back and said 'we're cuttin' it right now.'" 'I Keep On Lovin' You,' co-written by Ronnie Dunn and Terri McBride, hit the Top 10 in 2010.

After finding groundbreaking success as one-half of the due Brooks and Dunn, Dunn is now considered a legend in country music. He concluded the conversation with this piece of advice to the new singers of today: "Just keep doin' it! If you love it and your passionate about it, it's gonna come to you in some way or another."

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