Ronnie Dunn has cowboy written all over him -- literally. The 'Cost of Livin'' singer has a giant tattoo spanning his right forearm that reads "COWBOY" in an appropriately Western print. And now, with his most recent single from his self-titled release, Dunn is simply stating that we should 'Let the Cowboy Rock.'

In his video for the single, released this week, Dunn performs at the Stage in Nashville's Lower Broadway area while country fans dance, drink whiskey and watch a series of women in cutoff shorts and boots dancing on the bar. The footage flashes from this scene to B-roll shots of a true cowboy's cowboy -- rider Blake Knowles on his horse at Oregon's Pendleton Round-Up.

All in all, the video doesn't follow a plot, but stands as a pretty good classic drinkin' and dancin' video with people looking like they're loving life, the beer flowing from the tap and the macho cowboy in his spurs. And appropriately, the lyrics play to all of these scenes perfectly as Dunn sings, "Let the cowboy rock, let the good times roll / This is where the hurt stops or where the whiskey flows / Let him drink every drop, go, go, go 'til he drops / Let the cowboy rock."

Dunn has seen some major attention from his self-titled release, and his song 'Cost of Livin'' was recently included on Keith Urban's list of favorite songs of 2011. Dunn will be playing a series of dates in February in Texas, Oklahoma, Mississippi and Florida, beginning Feb. 9 at Catoosa, Okla.'s Hard Rock Hotel and Casino.

Watch the Ronnie Dunn 'Let the Cowboy Rock' Video