Artists like Sam Hunt are continually pushing boundaries when it comes to what country music looks and sounds like, all the way down to his shoes. Hunt doesn’t fit the typical country singer mold, with his skinny jeans, flat-bill hats and tight T-shirts, but he’s been accepted into country culture all the same.

Hunt says bringing a fresh look to country music isn’t necessarily a bold statement for him, it’s just who he is. “My style, in terms of what I wear, is kind of representative of the music,” the Georgia native shares in an interview with Axe Stage Pass. “It’s liberating to wear clothes that are outside the boundaries of what I’m supposed to wear, ya know, based on the traditional model, whether that be a country music singer, or being from the country. It’s not a rebellious thing. I just like to try to find things that are unique that represent my personality or my mood at that particular point in time.”

The artist may march to the beat of his own drum machine, but despite the intermittent hip-hop beats and pop melodies, he keeps his country roots intact with that dash of twang and Southern charm we’ve come to know and love in his music.

Hunt recently appeared on stage with Taylor Swift, another country artist who blazed her own trail, singing his hit “Take Your Time” with the pop star on the Chicago stop of her 1989 World Tour. His latest single, “House Party,” has been one of the top summer jams of 2015, and the accompanying music video takes viewers on the road, showing just how many fans would love to party with him any time — not to mention his sense of humor, goofing off backstage.

The former football player has been on the road with Lady Antebellum this summer as part of their Wheels Up Tour.

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