The reemergence of Sara Evans gave life not only to her career, but to millions of women who were kicked around and given up on by the same people who once said "I love you." She seemed to truly find strength after taking a few years off to handle personal issues. 'A Little Bit Stronger' was the start of a great comeback story. Her new single 'My Heart Can't Tell You No' feels like a sudden bout of insecurity.

The song was a Top 5 hit for Rod Stewart in 1988, and Evans does a fine job recreating the moment. But it's not her moment. "No matter how I try to convince myself / This time I won’t lose control / One look in your blue eyes / And suddenly my heart can’t tell you no," she sings in the chorus. It's a confusing message to send after boasting for months how over him she was.

"But still I want to hold you, touch you, when you look at me that way / There’s only one solution I know / You got to stay away from me / Stay away from me," she goes on. Evans' vocals are free of impurities, although she does revert her early tendency to hold impossible notes for measures at a time. It's impressive, and few can duplicate her talent, but even the best tricks grow old if repeated too often.

If we've learned anything from closely watching the country-led 'American Idol' this year, song choice is everything. 'My Heart Can't Tell You No' should have been left as a neat album cut for her most loyal supporters.

Listen to Sara Evans, 'My Heart Can't Tell You No'