Sarah Darling delivers a hushed, reserved version of 'With or Without You,' U2's tale of longing from their watershed 1987 album 'The Joshua Tree.' Darling initially performed the song on a YouTube clip she posted from the road, but popular demand from her fans caused her to formally record and release it as a digital single.

The young singer strips most of the menacing musical undercurrents and dramatic crescendos from 'With or Without You,' relying largely on that famous haunting bassline and her lovely voice to get the song's meaning across:

"Through the storm we reach the shore / You give it all but I want more / And I'm waiting for you / With or without you / With or without you / I can't live with or without you."

Darling came to Nashville a year after graduating high school to make it in the music business. And, after years of modeling, appearing on an E! reality show called 'The Entertainer' and acting in videos, she seems to have arrived, releasing her debut album 'Every Monday Morning' this past August.

Listen to Sarah Darling, 'With or Without You'