Country hopeful Scotty McCreery advanced to the top 13 on 'American Idol' tonight, with judge Jennifer Lopez telling him, "you have what it takes, you have the goods." (In fact, he was voted one of the top 10, but then the judges each got to pick a wildcard contestant, and the field grew back to 13.)

Apparently, the majority of 'Idol' viewers that voted shared J Lo's opinion and loved the singer's take on John Michael Montgomery's 'Letters From Home' on Tuesday night, as the 16-year-old with the mature, seasoned veteran voice is moving on to next level of competition. He was the first of the male competitors to learn his fate and he is safe. We will be seeing more from McCreery this season!

Lopez also told McCreery that he was born to sing country music and hopes to see a lot more of the same from him. However, since he's established himself well within that niche, Lopez declared that she would also like to see him attempt different things, as well. Perhaps that was a hint to stay away from Josh Turner songs for a moment, which is his admitted comfort zone.

Scott McCreery (who looks like someone famous, we can't possibly think who it is, it's driving us Mad) is a fan and a judge favorite who could veritably steal his way to the 'Idol' throne. Be sure to check in regularly with Taste Of Country to see how far he goes.