"He gave us all a gigantic clue of who he is gong to be in the future. His performance was stellar," mentor Jimmy Iovine of Interscope Records said about Scotty McCreery's performances this week on 'American Idol.' American voters agreed -- all 60 million of them -- as McCreery was voted "safe" yet again tonight.

But, really, did anyone think that McCreery was going to go home after he made the judges feel like they were watching "Concert Scotty" last night as he performed Montgomery Gentry's 'Gone' and 'You Were Always on My Mind,' which is most closely associated with Elvis Presley, who just so happens to be McCreery's own "idol"?

Iovine also said something else super poignant about McCreery, proclaiming, "He will have an extraordinary career whether he wins the show or not."

Well, McCreery is one step closer to winning the show, as he is now in the 'American Idol' Final Four. Throughout the season, he has shown us that he is a country boy with a heart of gold and that he has the talent to make it in the cutthroat music business. He's also shown us he has a register that's capable of more than just one note.

Listen up, America. Scotty McCreery could very well be your next 'American Idol.'

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