Following a funny segment called 'The Scotty McCreery Guide to Holding the Microphone,' (where his peers poked fun at the fact that he holds the mic like a flute), country's favorite 'American Idol' contestant sang LeAnn Rimes' 2010 cover of John Anderson's 1983 hit 'Swingin'.' But with only seven hopefuls left in the competition, the judges seemed less than impressed by McCreery's performance and song pick.

The audience loved McCreery's cover, and it was larger than life, considering he had two back-up singers and a horn section -- but the judges faces told a different story. "Scotty, I love you, I love your voice, I love Leann Rimes," Steven Tyler told him. "I guess that was your equivalent of the Rolling Stones tune, because I would love it if you just boot-scooted a little bit more and sashayed around, run a little like you did for your last girlfriend," he joked. "But I liked it Scotty, it's good. Good."

Next up to bat, Jennifer Lopez carried the same tune that it was just ... Good. "I love your story-telling quality you have to singing, I really really love that about you," she told the 17-year-old with the deep voice. "I'm just not sure that at this point in the competition ... We're just kind of getting down to the wire and it's time like to pull out the big guns."

She added, "You had a decade of music to choose from -- of country music and of any song -- and I just felt like we were expecting more from Scotty, from that one."

"She's absolutely correct," Randy Jackson continued, agreeing with the pop star. "At this point in the competition it's who is really in it to win it, and every time up there, with the weeks left in this competition, you've got to bring it really hard. To me that was so safe, it was actually kind of boring for me from you, and I love you, but she's right. With this amount of songs to choose from, there could have been a better song to sing."

We hope that America saw the same performance that we did -- Scotty was amazing!

Watch Scotty McCreery Perform 'Swingin'' on 'American Idol'