On 'American Idol' tonight, one more talented contestant was sent home, and guess what? It wasn't Scotty McCreery, who turned in one of his most dynamic performances of the season last night with his curled lip expression take on Elvis Presley's 'That's All Right.'

McCreery showed that the Josh Turner Playbook isn't the only text from which he studies, employing new ranges we had never heard from him before. Millions of Americans voted, and they were once again impressed with McCreery, sending him to the next round.

Before Ryan Seacrest delivered the news that McCreery was safe, he joked that his parents used to tease him about performing Elvis songs on the bus, which he did as a child to entertain his schoolmates. See, Scotty McCreery is a born entertainer. He has the genes, and we will get to enjoy his country crooning for another week!