That old saying to "be careful what you wish for" certainly applies to 'American Idol' winner Scotty McCreery, since you don't go on a show like 'Idol' looking for anonymity or obscurity. In an interview with the North County Times, the newly famous singer laments how he can't do normal, everyday things like go out to eat or run an errand anymore without being recognized by a throng of fans.

"It's been crazy for me," McCreery says. "I can't go out to eat anymore without having to take pictures or sign autographs. It's just, there is stuff I like to do, just the normal stuff, I can't do anymore. I always have to make sure I'm careful and have a disguise or my hat down or something if I actually want to do something."

While we're sure the levelheaded 'I Love You This Big' singer deals with the trappings and annoyances of fame like a gentleman and a champion, it's the price ones pays for the success they seek. McCreery sought out 'Idol,' traveling from Garner, N.C. to Milwaukee to audition for the show, which he also reflects upon.

"Initially, it was kind of, I don't think I gave myself a chance," McCreery says. "I remember telling my dad at the first audition that I was in over my head. 'What are we doing out here in Milwaukee auditioning for this?'"

But as he advanced, the teen realized that he had the stuff (and the right) to be there. "They took a liking to me and they put me through a couple of rounds, and that's when I started thinking maybe I can do this," McCreery says about his steadily building confidence. "Maybe I am cut out for this job. So I think that's where the self-confidence kind of kicked in."

We definitely agree that McCreery is cut out for stardom. He keeps his wits about him and his Southern charm in tact, that's for sure.

Watch Scotty McCreery in His 'American Idol' Audition Video