Just two teams remain in a quest to find country music’s best fans. The Finals round of the ToC Fan Football League begin right now!

It's no surprise to find Scotty McCreery and Danielle Bradbery facing off in the final round. Both grew their fanbases on well-known television shows, and both have been frequent winners of other ToC reader polls in recent months. The two young country stars' fans will duke it out this time. Will the Darlings deliver, or will the trophy go to the Trojans?

Fans of 16 of the biggest artists in country music were chosen based on how loud each group cheers for their team. Included are some of the most famous stars, but also newcomers that just will not be denied, despite having had less time to build a loyal following.

The ToC FFL Finals will end at 11:59PM ET on October 7.

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