Prior to performing his song 'Only Son,' Shakey Graves explains how the song captures his maturation professionally and personally. This 'At: Guitar Center With Nic Harcourt' performance leaves no space to hide the raw vulnerabilities that created such a compelling track. Watch it during the Taste of Country video premiere.

The Austin, Texas raised singer-songwriter blends folk and blues, but this acoustic performance is much more intimate. In the last year Graves says he's gone from being a musical isolationist to someone that enjoys the spirit of collaboration. His family life has changed similarly. There's a certain responsibility that comes with being a son, grandson, sibling or nephew.

"Being loved and loving somebody is a pretty intense thing," Graves explains in the clip before performing the song from the 'And the War Came' album.

Fans can find a full interview and more performances at the 'At: Guitar Center' web series. Graves -- real name Alejandro Rose-Garcia -- shares stories about his inspirations and musical experiences.

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