Younger country fans may not remember that 10 years ago, Shania Twain was the female voice more traditional listeners labeled as "too pop." It didn't seem to matter, as Twain sold just under one gazillion records in the span of a decade. Her newly released song 'Today Is Your Day' sounds like a Shania Twain song from that era, but the singer takes none of the chances.

Twain is drawing from her own experiences as she sings the first verse. One imagines the singer giving herself a pep-talk: "You got what it takes, you can win / Today is your day to begin / Don't give up here /  Don't you quit / The moment is now, this is it / Know that you can then you will / Get to the top of the hill / Part of the fun is the climb / You just got to make you your mind."

A great Shania Twain song was about the attitude and the story more than the poetry, but these lyrics feel a tad trite, even by her standards. The chorus doesn't prove to be much more original: "Today is your day / Nothing can stand in your way / Today is your day / Everything's going your way / Today / Today / Today / Today."

Despite this, there is something peaceful about Twain's melody. She sings with genuine redemption in her voice, and there is no doubt many of her fans will be inspired by the three-minute long ballad. The generated vocal effects won't help with her reputation as being "too pop." In fact, they feel a bit dated. She does get credit for continuing to zig in that direction, while country radio zags toward a more traditional sound.

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