Grammy-winning singer-songwriter Sheryl Crow has been hard at work on her first country album, and to celebrate Election Day, she has released a teaser track that proposes a new political philosophy. Based on her history, we suspect Crow is going to vote for President Obama -- but it seems if she had her preference she wouldn't endorse any of the current candidates, as is proven by her latest release, 'Woman in the White House.'

The uptempo acoustic track is breezy fun, and not really that different from much of Crow's pop-rock output -- much of which could have been marketed as contemporary country anyway. Crow says,"Don't you think it's time we put a woman in the White House / With a whole new attitude / We could use a little female common sense / Down on Pennsylvania Avenue."

As Crow sees it, the world would be fundamentally changed with a female at the helm of the United States. "There'd be a lot less fussing and fighting and carrying on / There'd be a lot more loving and listening and getting along," she sings. The entertainer even has a specific candidate in mind: "Just look at the mess we're in / Heck I'd vote for Loretta Lynn / I guarantee that we'd all be singing a different song."

Brad Paisley took to Twitter in support of the song, tweeting, "This track is all in good fun and really cool. So well done." Crow drafted Paisley to take part in her album, which has no firm release date yet. 'Woman in the White House' is currently available to download, and Crow will give a portion of the proceeds from the song to the American Red Cross.

You know, maybe she's right... if we had a female President, who would you want to see? Hillary Clinton? Maybe Condoleeza Rice? Or as Crow suggests, Loretta Lynn?

Listen to Sheryl Crow, 'Woman in the White House'