Stealing Angels have released a teddy bear of a country song. 'Little Blue Sky' is so cute you can't resist giving it a big hug, but after a while it ends up getting kicked out of the bed.

The song is a blast of sunshine. It's a loving tribute to the people that make life worth living, but the outdated production style makes the message somewhat gimmicky.

"You're my little blue sky / You're my ray of sunshine / The hope beyond my tears / As long as you are here / You're my little blue sky / You're the love of my eye / My everything my every reason why / Yeah you're my little blue sky," Caroline Cutbirth, Tayla Lynn and Jennifer Wayne sing during the chorus. The repeating backing vocals stand out.

The second verse goes: "You're the arms that never let me down / You're the piece of heaven that I found / It's amazing in this great big world / Where there are no guarantees / God brought you to me."

The piano-driven, uptempo song is plucky. Too plucky. The three are talented singers and show great chemistry with their pitch perfect harmonies. There's a song out there to make Stealing Angels a star, but 'Little Blue Sky' is not it.

Listen to Stealing Angels, 'Little Blue Sky'