Few acts in country music bring more surprises than Sugarland, and the duo offered another Sunday night, bringing in a drum corp to kick off their two song set during ABC's 'CMA Music Festival: Country's Night to Rock.' Jennifer Nettles and Kristian Bush did their best to deliver their theatric stage show to the crowd at LP Field in Nashville and viewers at home.

Shania Twain introduced the duo, after a lengthy interview that seemed to be teasing a performance by the legendary singer. During a video montage, Twain talked about returning to public life after a long and often embarrassing period away. She admits that she had to "force myself to do uncomfortable things," but now she's ready to "put the optimism back in things."

Nettles wore cherry-red, tight fitting pants and a black tank top with suspenders, while the more casual Bush donned his familiar black derby. They opened with 'Find the Beat Again,' an album cut from their 'The Incredible Machine' album. The drumline remained onstage during the song, but were gone by the time Sugarland began 'Stuck Like Glue.' Nettles was the focus during this song, as her often cartoon-like expressions are too irresistible to look away from. The crowd erupted as she went into the fan-favorite reggae breakdown portion of the song.

ABC was careful to make sure viewers knew Sugarland weren't performing live, one night after the band witnessed the tragedy at the Indiana State Fair. A low-tech graphic flashed during their performance -- and their's only so far -- reminding viewers the show was taped in June. Sugarland cancelled tonight's show in Iowa due to Saturday night's tragedy.

Watch Sugarland Perform 'Stuck Like Glue'