Jennifer Nettles was finally able to let out a little secret on her blog. The female half of the duo Sugarland was relieved to announce to her fans that she's going to be one of the celebrity judges on the upcoming ABC show 'Duets.' Joining fellow judges Kelly Clarkson, Lionel Richie and Robin Thicke for the show, which will debut this summer, Nettles has to scour the country for two duet partners to join her on the show. In her blog, she dished a bit on what she'll be looking for in a partner.

"For my tastes, I'm looking for BIG voices, males and females, who can sing diverse, dynamic music," she wrote. "If you have a strong, dynamic, voice, and if you like singing all types of powerful music, you could be my guy/girl. Ladies, I know there are a ton of you out there. Guys, I need you too!!! I HAVE to find the yin to my yang. The ebony to my ivory. The Captain to my Tennille. get the point. If you enjoy performing, and know you have chops, bring it on!!!"

But even in the midst of all the excitement, Nettles admitted to being a big nervous at lifting the curtain into her writing and recording life, as well as her relationship to the stage and everything that goes on when she's not performing. It's intimidating to invite cameras into your behind-the-scenes life, but the star is about to do just that.

"It's new and different for me," she admits. "Nonetheless, ever the pioneer woman, I like to walk myself into new and unknown territory. It's as exciting as it is nerve inspiring." Nettles says she's most excited about performing with the contestants and new experiences, as well as performing with her fellow artist judges. The winner of the entire competition will take home a record deal with Hollywood Records. In a recent trailer for the show, Nettles talked about what sets the show apart from other singing reality shows infiltrating the country.

“I think the element of performance with our partners on this show makes it different,” Nettles concludes. “The concept of ‘Duets’ is so fresh because mentoring is active and participatory. Most of my greatest learning was from singing and playing with other performers throughout my life and career.”