Sugarland singer Jennifer Nettles has a big heart, and that's why she is so deeply involved with the Shalom Foundation, which aids the people -- especially the children -- of Guatemala with things like health care and clean facilities entirely through donations. For years, Nettles and Sugarland partner Kristian Bush have donated a dollar from every ticket purchased for their concerts to the organization. In essence, Sugarland fans support Shalom by default, and this video that Nettles has shared makes that support tangible and visible.

In a video that documented a recent trip to the region, Nettles says she was struck by both the beauty and the poverty that defines the region. The clip certainly demonstrates how the desire to help others can be translated into actions, and poses the question: If not us, then who? when it comes to assistance. It certainly makes you wonder what you can do to join Nettles in her cause.

Nettles is seen touring the area and interacting with children afflicted with medical issues. It's touching to see her hug them and the genuine smile that spreads across her face as one little girl sings to her.

In a post on Sugarland's website, Nettles shed a little more light about this particular organization:

Five years ago I was introduced to The Shalom Foundation. Shalom is an organization that works to aid the people of Guatemala in the areas of health care, nutrition, housing and education. While many of you know that I have supported Shalom for several years now, you may not know that you also have been supporting Shalom.

For the past four years, Kristian and I have donated a dollar to Shalom from every single ticket purchased to one of our concerts. So if you've come to see one of our shows, you have danced and sang and rocked your way into some good karma, my friends!

You have contributed to houses for families living in tin shacks with dirt floors. You have aided in the purchase of food for children who otherwise would not have eaten. You have allowed books and scholarships to be provided to children who would not have been able to go to school and learn. You have purchased a children's [sic] surgery hospital where kids with life-altering illness go to receive procedures and care that they would never be able to find or afford in their country.

On my last visit to Guatemala, I wanted to make something to show you what Shalom is all about, and to show you the help and blessings to which you have contributed. Our videographer, Valarie Bienas, along with her wonderful team, have put together a piece here to share with you. My hope is that you will become motivated to share it with others. If you are interested in learning more about Shalom or how you might continue to help, visit I hope you enjoy!

Watch the Jennifer Nettles Shalom Foundation Video