Approximately 364 days of the year, Sunny Sweeney opts for nutritious, low-fat meal options. When she's touring, she sticks to foods like Greek yogurt, fish and fresh fruit. But that's 364 days a year. Thanksgiving is an entirely different ball game. According to her record label, Republic Nashville, Sweeney is looking forward to her favorite holiday dish, a dish that has made its way through generations of her family.

"It's spicy corn casserole. And it's, like, got corn and, I mean, it's so fattening," Sweeney gushes. "Like you don't even understand. It's got cream cheese, butter, flour, jalapeños, pico, like all this like hot stuff and then corn and then bread. Like breading and oh, it's so fattening. It's probably 2,000 calories for one helping. But we definitely always have that. And it would be totally weird without it."

Sweeney will be enjoying her spicy corn casserole this year for the first time with her new husband, Jeff Helmer, who she married in Vegas on Nov. 11. Helmer is a Sergeant with the Austin Police Department in Texas and a former Staff Sergeant in the U.S. Air Force.

In addition to the excitement of her wedding, Sweeney has also been named as an artist being considered for the New Faces show taking place Friday, Feb. 24, 2012, at the Country Radio Seminar in Nashville.