The third single from Sunny Sweeney's 'Concrete' album breaks a streak of sad, self-pitying tributes to heartbreak. 'Drink Myself Single' is still about a relationship gone bad, but this time the East Texas singer is getting even. Fortunately, she plots revenge as well as she sings about remorse and despair.

"I'm gonna dress up in my low-cut / My tight blue jeans, I'm gonna stir somethin' up / I'm gonna kiss all the boys 'til I kiss your memory goodbye / Yeah, I'm a gonna drink myself single tonight," Sweeney sings to start the song. This is the only true verse; the other lyrics act as a dual chorus.

"A bottle of red, a bottle of white / Which one will it be, I can't decide / I guess I'll find out once I drink those bottles dry / Yeah, I'm a gonna drink myself single tonight."

Sweeney's sound falls into the nouveau classic country sound that's reemerging through artists like Ashton Shepherd, Pistol Annies and (we hear rumors) Kellie Pickler. This isn't to say the style is just a hot trend. The 'From a Table Away' singer wears the sound as comfortably as the black streak that runs through her blonde hair. When you listen to 'Drink Myself Single,' you not only hear the story, but also the emotion and history in Sweeney's voice. If Sweeney hasn't been that woman looking to get back at a good-for-nothing man, she's a brilliant actress.

"I wanna find out what it's like / To stagger in the house like you do every night / Sneakin' in the bed like I don't know the truth / I really wanna know what it's like to be you," Sweeney sings. Lyrically, this story is a little thin, but the double guitar solos do well to fill the gaps. The song was the singer's choice to be the second single, but the label ultimately went with 'Staying's Worse Than Leaving.' It's clear why 'Drink Myself Single' is a favorite.

Listen to Sunny Sweeney, 'Drink Myself Single'