Rapper T.I. can call it a comeback, courtesy of Taylor Swift! Swift invited the rapper to perform a duet of his massive 2008 hit 'Live Your Life' onstage with her in Atlanta over the weekend. When Swift cruises through the ATL, it's a party, that's for sure. The singer also invited R&B crooner Usher to join her onstage to duet on his song 'Yeah' during another show at the venue. Clearly, Swift was perfectly happy with sharing her stage with urban superstars and bringing a customized show to her Atlanta fans.

Since T.I. was just released from a halfway house after serving a year in prison, he was no doubt beyond anxious to get back on the live stage, so that's why we call this a comeback of the highest order. To offer up a cameo of one of his biggest hits on a high profile stage -- with one of the world's biggest music stars? That was a good move on his part. Even better on Swift's, since the crowd was loving every minute of it.

The Taylor-T.I. version of 'Live Your Life' found Swift stepping in and singing the parts normally reserved for Rihanna. Swift cut quite a figure, dressed in all black, and she handled the chorus like she wrote it.  T.I. rapped with his signature swagger. They looked like they were having a great time as they walked around on the stage and sang together.

Seriously, Swift's Speak Now Tour is making all kinds of history with these one-of-a-kind live collaborations. We're waiting to see if any of the tour's guest stars end up on Swift's next album, or if she's featured on theirs.

Watch Taylor Swift and T.I. Perform 'Live Your Life' in Atlanta