Taylor Swift is an artist so many younger women in country music look up to, since she became the most successful female singer-songwriter in country music. Five of Nashville's most promising up-and-coming females paid tribute to Swift's influence at a recent #LetTheGirlsPlay performance in Nashville.

Music City's Song Suffragettes comprise a loose collection of five talented and rising women in country music. They perform in an ever-rotating roster of five every Monday night at the Listening Room, sharing their original songs and coming together at the end of each show for a group cover. They covered Swift's "22" on July 11 to celebrate Kalie Shorr's 22nd birthday.

It's easy to imagine that these young women might very well have idolized Swift when they were starting out, and one wonders what might be going through their minds, having followed their dreams all the way to Nashville and the stage of an important showcase for aspiring stars. Parker McKay joined #LetTheGirlsPlay mainstays Lena Stone and Shorr, along with Allison Veltz and Jessica Cayne, on the stage for a fun, spirited cover of Swift's hit from 2012's Red album.

Shorr anchors the track on acoustic guitar as she so often does, kicking things off by singing the opening verse before Cayne takes over. Stone takes the lead for the first chorus, with McKay contributing a vocal harmony, and hands it back to Cayne for the second verse, who cracks up the other performers by changing one line to, " ... I end up eating, and maybe sleeping." McKay follows, and all of the ladies jump in with harmonies for the song's singalong outro.

#LetTheGirlsPlay launched in Nashville in response to the unique struggles women face in country music at every level, from writing to performing. In the last year and a half the genre has opened up significantly more opportunities for female artists, but there's still a long way to go, and Taste of Country continues to be a proud supporter, featuring exclusive content regularly and a group cover once per week.

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