This video proves that Taylor Swift is basically every person in their car in the history of ... listening to music in the car.

While over the pond recently, Swift joined BBC Radio 1's Greg James for an epic lip sync of her own song, 'Blank Space,' which was captured on camera. James is just riding around, jamming to 'Shake It Off' when the second single from '1989' comes on and Swift appears beside him in the passenger seat.

Then, things get really fun.

Swift mouths the first lines: "Nice to meet you ..." to James as his eyes grow bigger and bigger. It's not long before he starts lip-syncing the words to the pop hit right along with her. Dancing, air-drumming, really awesome dance moves ... this clip has it all, and it's sure to make you laugh! In fact, this 'Blank Space' lip-sync is all almost as fabulous as the plaid coat the star is wearing.

Can't get enough of the song? You should see the music video. In it, Swift portrays a beautiful, yet absolutely insane scorned girl who has it out for her two-timing lover. '1989' is in stores now ... but don't expect to find it on Spotify.

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