Taylor Swift wants to be sure her entire audience feels appreciated, so she's come up with 'Chaperone Dad,' a musical thank you note to fathers that bring their daughters to her show. During a sit-down with Australian talk show hosts Hamish and Andy, Swift admitted she often sees these men, standing taller than everyone else in her crowd. "Their daughters have held up the glittery signs for the first half of the show, but then they're like, 'Dad, hold this!'" she explains. "And then they've got glitter all over their khaki pants and plaid shirts."

"But they're doing the right thing!" she says. Out come musical instruments, and before long the three are improvising a song together. "You just got off of work, the last thing you wanna do is / Wanna do is go and listen to me talk about some break-up / Chaperone dads / You're doing the right thing / Chaperone dads."

The song takes a moment or two to gain momentum, but soon Swift is freestyling. "Remember when the tickets went on sale / You're daughter's 14th birthday and you got her two tickets / And she said, 'Can I have some more because my friends and I all wanna go and dad you don't have to go but you know you've got to go as / Chaperone dad.'"

It's doubtful the song will make the set list when Swift's Speak Now Tour continues on to Philadelphia, Pa. on August 6. The gesture is still a sweet one from an artist who truly appreciates all of her fans, regardless of age.

Watch the Taylor Swift 'Chaperone Dad' Video