Taylor Swift's 2014 Diet Coke ad is purrfect! The adorable commercial features the blonde beauty and her feline friend, Olivia Benson -- plus a few hundred other cats.

Swift -- who loves Diet Coke and is a spokeswoman for the soda -- got the best of both worlds when she got to incorporate her love of the icy beverage with a whole bunch of cats! Seriously, what could be better for a self-proclaimed cat lady?

The ad kicks off with the 'Red' starlet playing with a cute furball, the singer teasing the cat with a string and giggling. Parched from playing, she takes a sip of her Diet Coke. That's when it happens ... the cats multiply! It's not just one cat anymore, suddenly it's two!

Then she goes for another swig ... and more feline friends appear! Of course, Swift is surprised, but she smiles as she takes in the room of fluff, sip by sip. By the end of the Diet Coke commercial, she's drowning in a sea of cats.

In the background of the visual, Swift even gives fans a sneak peek of a brand new song from her upcoming album, '1989,' which drops on Oct. 27. The ad draws to a close with Swift's own cat, Olivia Benson, perched next to her album cover. A doting 'mom,' the superstar says her latest kitten is a "cat actress" and that this is her "perfect world."

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